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tv   Sophie Co  RT  October 27, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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nets before the assassination someone called a local newspaper and told them that they should get in contact with the us embassy because there was going to be some quote big news and this took place twenty five minutes before the us president was shot one of the other interesting things that comes out of this report is when speaking before the warren commission cia director richard helms was being was being interviewed before the commission and he's directly asked quote is there any information involved with the assassination of president kennedy which in any way shows that lee harvey oswald was in some way a cia agent or agent the document then cuts off there's still hundreds hundreds of files to go through quite a bit of material assembled by the u.s. government on the assassination of president john f. kennedy and all the questions raised about it we're still going through them but it looks like so far the information it's been revealed is only leading us to ask more questions sir new stories for no i'll just leave you this hour with pictures from
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barcelona where only earlier today declared their independence from madrid spain though say they will seize control of the region more about thirty minutes was. run. on.
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welcome to. not say as the taliban gains more ground in afghanistan their road ahead for the government in kabul becomes more treacherous what can i get just as neighbors do to help will ask former chief of the pakistani intelligence service. despite years of need to operations against them the taliban still pose a deadly threat in afghanistan and with american troops staying put after promises of a total pull out the chances of talks between the warring factions in the country are getting slimmer regional powers like pakistan use their influence to turn the tide of the conflict isn't going to sound becoming
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a just board words neighbors rivalries are being played out and can washington's new policy be any difference. i mean it's so great to have you as the guest of our program one more time. to talk about. president trump has announced a new ask policy and in regards to pakistan he's actually saying that he will cut aid to islamabad. if it doesn't start doing enough to five taliban in afghanistan in european in these pakistan not doing enough to combat taliban. who you know. showed. north korea or maybe some other countries. the policy still continues to be iran but i do use a lot of russian. nomenclature nomen clout to go
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deep state in the united states runs the potus. obama used to speak softly and is that a president or dave's or minions used to come and threaten us and we clinton and others as the generals in this particular case they're all seem to have a wish because trump is not in the habit of talking soft so this shit you can go it see what to do whatever you like to read on the potus essentially the above the city managed to say and that is you have to dignify honest. steve you keep the bases keep them in if your presence there is more important than either peace the aid or settlement or whether it's known peace in of unassigned is not in that interest peace in the middle east has not
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invaded first unless it is turmoil up i would like a night states cannot play one country against the other it was a school. this argument about you know the beauty industry complex is an old one but it is still valid. if the military's and more lived if you continue to buy weapons i understand what you're saying that actually american policy doesn't change just their rhetoric that changes the decor of their presidential face but it's still a little different from every other president he's unpredictable he's on a politician so you never know he mate might as well do what he's saying so if he does sanction pakistan just imagine hypothetically right would that make i mean you would loss he would lose money if that happens. you. should really. not tell her that invading i'm talking about sanctioning what are you feeling right now so absolutely already there is hardly anything that we get from that she really
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is pakistan right let's leave trump aside is pakistan ready right now to sweets towards china because i've seen the pakistani foreign minister make visits to china make widgets to russia right after john announced his new afghan policy what do you think china is ready to be pakistan's new patch on well if you're looking for. is would be are for. looking for bush. or for. the relationship economic development in the region. joining us to ensure the. presence of understudies record your. dependence on them over them and their position on. business again one of those myths that have been created these billions of coalition of of cake. so you know
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the billions of dollars that americans are supposedly giving pakistan and no this is not the billions some hundreds of millions have trickled down because their action their system most of the when you go back to them you know if i understand the development of one state ninety percent of it would go back that was confronted by the developed. people who would in the developments of the for the germans and so forth and then the americans said yes your design our system so that money and you and if there is money i think we're all waiting for the americans you literally stop there so that some people in pakistan who have been accustomed to this. opium will get out of that initially probably some problem with bin learn to stand on your feet and it is just much more enrichment is coming from other sources
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especially so what is pakistan ready to do in return because you know friendship is good partnership is good but you know when people are investing money in a country they invest something they expect something back what is pakistan willing to do in return for the state the discussion in pakistan right now is hopefully of you not giving away too much because well give this sort of you know pressure to work on prelate china. or draw containers in your street because school to go out the most starts running the. opening they're doing to have joining in in due course. i think this is true but enough. of favor of in that sense but it's the return enough on that investment and. they want to do it in the very many different places some think.
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it is should these openings after all it is the over capacity of certain scenes in china you know that it gushed loney and all the while there are. plenty of. mileage. distance to help. change it from the east. you already get from central asia but oil from the middle east. so there is something before. we. know the next is india. but i want to talk about taliban because. whoever american president is it doesn't matter stumbling point with america and pakistan this is taliban because pentagon always say. the taliban leadership is finding sanctuary in pakistan and i mean
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observing from the side. i believe them because we have taliban leaders like more than one store with omar would died in pakistan then you had the successor was elected in pakistan bin ladden died in pakistan i mean they're not dying in afghanistan right there obviously finding shelter in pakistan so why do you think why does it it's so hard to kick them out from pakistan why should be there not against us and there is one element that if remains to. be ensured that the americans would leave because the other to. the addicting is the. there should the loser from at church. as the subservient regime that is what it is because the afghan taliban no coverage of the copied depends on unites spectrum age for money for military protection
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and for the political you don't cover series ever americans are financing the campbell taliban america. giving ten billion dollars a year billion dollars every year if food the regime because income will this is a seal that relate this spending some money on their own forces but billion dollars is still. that is the investment and without that cover regime cannot sustain the infrastructure that has been created to such an expensive infrastructure. of unassigned is never had we will afford that they before not of me rich oscar four billion dollars or fifty years their own g.d.p. the a fund in business newbie's only two billion dollars so that is the money that is this spending their days the protection they are providing with vote this umbrella
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of the united states especially the military presence the it would be no call would regime has rino it. because they would be do taken care of way thought upon by the resistance this is also the history of honest i do we need tribesmen who resist the other ones who prevail they have the freedom of going to war because moved on an empty space is the regimes in kabul especially a claim for e.g. there does not enjoy that support. remains can find it. weird for the b. when the relays go on so that they can i do be disposed offloads leave now they're just if there be decision it is of unsaved in the finest tundra supported by the word might use a lens. cannot sustain itself. on the other hand is the a fund resistance we just called it that it was a fund of the system that has been stored the onslaught of the spot for the virus
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for the last fifteen sixteen years these are the people of the a fun taleban of the one who had existing. p.g.p. is the one basically mainly no sponsored from any sphere supported from as here in this way you know if i understand it they would be and i'm going to try to do that they're at you or at your land they're living in the forest that was there it was there to some take that one bit of show many different ways of walking them to go after us money's one. of the. ston slips it sort of i draw your conclusions maybe another one there's not. enough that it is. indigenous enough and of course the word woman it it's the client both. but d.p.p. then. the o. fun taleban. the you may have acquired the name but you're just the same again but
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the way you speak about it is to be is not that huge effect of you can take your oath. because of the way you speak about this is from very very sympathetic towards them in international terms they're called terrorists just like the taliban what can you explain tell us something that we don't know about them why is pakistan not doing enough to fight them and completely get rid of the. new terminology or that for example the negative is determined by your chief there because if you know point because of a quarter of the soft part because you sort bought it back they are so what they are dead or is it any one any gold that resists the american design is it ever missed you may be a terrorist today it will be. a model that has been happening which i had been and the thought of by and now the news on that one. but this stir milegi is not going
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to impress either that is just. the example you consider them as terrorists with. their own free will how they came in to be worthless the reserve bill certain amount of connections in the region that have given to. those and that ice should just be calling someone a terrorist that's not going to be enough to have people like us to correct bill in an unequal there'd be international community which in any case you know the subservient to the bedrock of international community of subservient to. streatch so if. you can get out of liberation. liberation struggle is a terrorism struggle everyone you know john. on the court but. this is what countries do if you go strictly by the. issue of terrorism.
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which would begin to. take a short break right now we're back we'll continue talking to do i mean four were ahead of the pakistani intelligence services talking about pakistani and american outlook on taliban today and much more stay with us.
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kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this. is a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just. totally destabilised that you need to protect yourself and get in for. your. bad ways. i mean for had a pakistani intelligence service says mr durani but the problem is america call someone a terrorist and they go after them it has consequences forest american drone strikes on your soil on pakistani soil that's making people very angry but you can't
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do anything about it because americans saying well we're fighting terrorists in pakistan and pakistani government isn't doing enough to keep those terrorists out so what do you do with that no this would. have been. who. it was. when we decided enough is enough you've done enough. so. and then. brought them back to renegotiate. with. their what do you do if. you can without calling someone to speak and you will continue to draw uncertain a guess that just bullshit will you feel find some response and we will use it if you don't really have proof that the taliban have done it but in the meantime
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actually what we have done is more substantially other than what i would have talked about. in the region starting with iran russia china. i know this is the consensus of the regional concerns of the legislature the measuring north and in the sense of an alliance but at least the have started. it should be handling the foreign presence in a. in a coordinated manner. let me ask you something pakistan for decades saw the friendly government in kabul should the taliban the afghan taliban win the war just imagine that will that be better for islam that islamabad then having president connie there i do just to do for a leap over was all show. not that i don't be used by.
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we should note new would have said that we are looking for a friendly. to be a zero g. maybe friendly tomorrow it can start unfriending. in the neighbors the relationship is what both your son is especially people who have hundreds of honest on what they have been. advising big old men that i regard the mate is not cheap but the consensus going in kabul broad british that's what we used to say back in my day for the so that for a broad based government all important fiction on board and that is to go and if you want because a bunch there do the accepted by beyond their means to stay with it we've had threats of honest an interest see what i call issue government taliban official in the burbs for grecian of that is how the country was created in seven in forty seven at grand bargain between different ones if there is this of on the sun if
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that splits of understand this knowledge remained in that form so that is the it doesn't really matter one alone with be able to control it in the best days. and my sister point is that when we have revealed have a consensus government that would be the one that by your son in all the other e.u. countries would say no we have not is stored the status quo ante of nine hundred seventy nine you should know this does pakistani intelligence have enough leverage and different taliban groups in afghanistan to actually help push stocks should they ever take both course she is we have pushed them very often but whenever you push them who so does it. to us i would tell you by the cover regime. not by us. we would have yeah you say the other one we're keeping the news the
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whole almost bit under there for two years because there are the unifying figure there'd be another bunch of the peace process stars been rebuilt once so if there was food after that scuttling of the body to process there it was. end of july fifteenth. he. was the one who was the peacemaker. and all that. to go her own to muddy. because it will move us a bit when he addressed the issue thirty was eliminated by the american drone so the spoilers and not the bugs on any because. your side look i would assume that is afraid of losing your because it does not have the. order to survive that does not want that because. you. if nothing else have brought the.
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facility right now there's another turn in the whole story because trump is calling on india to involve itself more in afghanistan this is of course making pakistani politicians very angry their people much marching in the streets very displeased with that how will this affect islamabad's role in afghanistan and in diplomacy. people see a few things for the fall more fair just to express the display you. because of the united states will not get the credit of india has it or a pretty substantial money it does or does it has a cultural integration society. in order to send any military troops. ability to get to agree to the rule is limited there could go north even empire would have been which. you know the stablish has slipped in that country.
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always good to help the you know anything more than the old lady and that is the space that has been allowed to. you were to give any advice and i suppose. more often than not except for making that you know diplomatic knows. that if you can plead on poor we can stop it. through though the one who will give them the space and if they can only invest money this fine and if they're big enough to understand it would be one of the happier countries because they're enough for that they will find evidence of the military's enough but for me. just as someone who is observing what's going on in the region i understand all the intricacies between pakistan and india at what i never really understood maybe you can tell me is why pakistan so worried with indian involvement in
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afghanistan for instance i remember former president musharraf saying that pakistan is used taliban as an intact india proxy group in afghanistan he said it i'm not making this out but right yes so i never really understood what pakistan's policy in afghanistan is all about the area with india why is pakistan so afraid of afghan friendship. and most of the north. because i did it because your type some politically but she was. the a head you can be a very good working order. because a explained the unions can go ahead and do whatever the lows of on the lows to. there to be up to us and we have better carson of. the unions. now the rule is. harmful to us it's up to us to take it over there and it
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is a sit we being the day was with the history and so on we should be able to get over when people say that it's only because of these reasons but what we sheriffs say they have a right i'm sitting here so i'm giving my view and i do north one paper north korea actually been sold that i use sundays not only reporter tissue but some others also exit read the indian influence and of honesty on the do the country is full of functioning which is hardly anything for me to do they'd lose that all of it's as i did the guy new york. not that just the influence that we have. he has a certain culture and for us bollywood is important les hollywood used to be once upon a time for us but. that that and not having colon borders for the fun is stuff that steam did have one of those we have come on board of the knoll about the spittle
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with it and be get ready to vote other things and they could also blamed when the tribe spent it resist a foreign force will watch because of that because he becomes the scapegoat for at this time the scapegoat despite exhaustion. ask a last question about russia pakistan they have recently held their regular joint military. training in mountain warfare house islam about working with moscow to counter terror threat i don't think it is a book better reason because there's a you know a big scam there. in concrete terms. your son's relation to russia started improving many years ago. for a number of reasons. amount of cultural plate brought be a part of the diet and bake cookies from fond of me had a problem with them fresh as a problem but then full doctors one after ukrainian has probably become addicted
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more. you know substantial but essentially be cooperate with each other find of course remember the order of steel mill and good as she did it was the russian technology that. for the last few years i think people here wanted to update that the don but the stunt by play. i'm not sure if anyone other than the guest. would be north pole about that so the use of those areas of cooperation but essentially. coming together means that you have to join and to find a solution for this region of the problem and that is i've said that before. foreign military presence here in the heart of asia. in france and central asia. the type of implications for you don and no doubt is really corporate this is a symbolic one through
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a little getting noted exercise together does not mean that we will make a joint force like natural in the united consider a movie does not use a symbolic just shit how the countries are coming together to continue to do that we didn't do and if there's going to be any wanted by just an opposite i would say that for this thing to do you have your relations with india are you a relation but you are talking about a new relationship between these countries or five countries in the region which is issue specific riches not a journalist you know a viper for nation ship that you think you should share. that has or simply cations in economic cooperation and political cooperation. mr draghi thank you very much for this interview. here.
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for over a year we have heard nonstop but some way. to win the presidential election we have yet to see the evidence of this however it appears more likely it was the democratic party. of. here's what people have been saying about rejected in. full on. the show i go out of my way to. really packed a punch. john oliver
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a hearty americans do the same. apparently better than. i see people you've never heard of. the night. president of the world bank. seriously send us an e-mail. barcelona with joy. parliament votes to declare independence from spain. madrid reacts to the move by triggering article fifty five to impose direct rule on the region with prime minister rudd deciding to suck the government cold snap elections for. what europe. recognized. as a sovereign state.


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